The Happy Place

My husband calls Thimbles and Threads at the Quilters Lodge “Lalla’s Happy Place”.  I cannot think of a better way to describe it than that! This past week was grey and cold and while I told my husband that I was going to pick up some Aurafil #2000 thread to work on a new quilt top, he knew that I was actually going to get my fix of happy color and feel good cotton!

I love walking into the store and seeing a smiling face. The staff is so friendly!  I love seeing quilts of every size!  This little beauty greeted me at the counter.




This week I was actually able to see a quilting celebrity, Sue Daley ( yes, THAT Sue Daley!! ) was at Thimbles and Threads to teach English Paper Piecing (EPP) . My Passacaglia quilt is currently the size of a potholder, but I have big plans!   I had to take a picture of my new pink thread holders that I got for my purse.  Seriously cute!



The best part of EPP is that its portable!  I can  sew while waiting for kids or while waiting at the doctors office.  In a world that doesn’t leave large chunks of time for creativity,  EPP has been a great way to use the moments of free time I have, while I am waiting for the rest of my life to happen.  I  almost enjoyed my last wait at the DMV!

Seeing the fabric online is great, but being able to touch it and see how the colors look in real life.  Just standing at the end of the blender fabrics wall  is like being at the end of my very own rainbow!Rainbow

At check out, I left with more than just my Aurafil, I left with a smile and feeling recharged.  I can’t wait to get back home and start stitching!





Butterflies, Tigers and Chipmunks OH MY!!

Some people love chocolate or Diet Coke. I love Tula Pink fabric. I have been known to go just a little crazy waiting for the newest line. At least I am easy to buy for on all Holidays. I want out of print and hard to find fat quarters or yards of pieces that are missing from my collection or replacements for those pieces that I have used.

I love the endless possibility of my collection. I love how one line plays well with another. I love how bits of Acacia and Birds and Bees and Salt Water play nicely with bits of Elizabeth and Parisville and Prince Charming. I am loving Chipper and finding ways to add Eden and make something that sparkles and pops.

Its a really big deal for me to cut into my Tula favorites. The Butterfly Quilt is my latest project.


I am having so much fun fussy cutting 1.5 inch tigers for log cabin centers and imagining future grandbabies playing I SPY!


Eden’s Elephants are going to look great next to Chipper Chipmunk. I am so excited to make this beautiful quilt that is beautiful from a distance, but really fun to look at up close. image

My Butterfly is being made in Pinks and Purples with an aqua background.   You can see that I have a nice stack of half square triangles to square up!


Im having a great time playing with my Tula Favorites. I have to show off my new scissors.


They are Tula Pink Fabulous and cut like a dream!  Come into Thimbles and Threads and see our Tula Pink selection. It’s worth the trip!

Baby Love and Blanket Forts




I saw a meme online that said ” I don’t want to adult today, I will be in my blanket fort coloring”

I loved it.  I would; of course, use a quilt for my fort so that the sun could shine through the patchwork like stained glass and make me happy!

My kids grew up with blankies.    They always had their baby quilts as portable comfort.  They were taken everywhere.  One of my children actually wanted to buckle his blankie up to keep it safe when he was a toddler.   Knowing how much comfort and love my children have found in their blankies , is it any wonder that I love making baby quilts?

I love imagining a tiny baby bundle being wrapped in a quilt that I have carefully sewn together.  I imagine the little one growing and learning about pattern and texture and color.  I imagine the blanket that I am sewing in the background of a child’s happy life.


This is a blanket that I recently made.  Laura Cook Baby Quilt


The pattern is called Love Notes by MSQC.     I chose bright and happy red and white fabrics because I wanted this mamma to feel her baby was someone to be celebrated.  I chose the roses/floral print because of a bible verse that means a lot to me.   This little quilt is not the fanciest quilt I have ever made, but it was made with love.  A love note made of cotton  to a sweet mama and her baby girl.

I am currently working on a sailboat pattern. I like to imagine that the little man who will one day sleep under it will dream of sailing adventures on a lake or the high seas!   I hope it is dragged through the grass and loved to shreds.

This is why I quilt.



Why Quilt?

Why cut up fabric and sew it back together?

Why??   Because QUILTS are Magic!

Quilting is art made with love. Quilting is beauty and making memories but most of all,  quilting is sending my love into a time that I may never see.

In 2009 I was going through a rough patch. My sweet Gramma was in her 90’s and sent a very precious gift to me. She sent two quilts that her mother had made. These quilts are made from bits of family clothing, scraps and feed sacks. These quilts are handsewn.   They were sewn with her own hands.Emmies Lovie 1

These quilts hold the love and care of both Great Gramma Lula and Gramma Thelma.  When I wrap a Gramma quilt around me, I feel held. I feel loved.  Even though Gramma Lula left this world decades ago, I feel her loving spirit when I am covered in her quilts.

Lula loved Thelma and she made her a quilt. Thelma loved me, and now I love my own baby girl. When she isn’t feeling well or needs to feel especially loved,  I wrap her up in a Gramma quilt.Lula Star 1

My daughter might not know Gramma Lula, but she does know that she loves her.

That is the magic of a quilt.

Bloom Sew Along Starts Today With Lori Holt – Block 1

Bloom Sew Along Image


It is finally time to pull out your Calico Days fabrics, Sew Simple Shapes and your sewing machine. Today Lori released her first block for the Bloom Sew Along. If this is the first you’ve heard about it, no worries we’ll get you all caught up.

Bloom Quilt

To get started you will want to download the Free Pattern HERE.

Then make sure you have all your supplies. You can find a Supply List Here. You can find all the supplies on our website or in store too.

That’s it. Now head over to Lori’s blog and follow along. Here’s a direct link to block one:

P.S. If you don’t have a kit yet, you can find one HERE on our website

Lori Holt Calico Days Retreat – April 27th-30th – 4 Days/3 Nights

Lori Holt’s new line, Calico Days, is now out and we have it in stock!

We are also excited to announce the special retreat we have planned in celebration. Treat yourself to our Calico Days retreat, April 27th through 30th of 2016! That’s 4 days and 3 nights of quilting and camaraderie! Experience the luxury of our new lodge, where you can sew and sew-cialize in comfort.


Here’s Lori’s latest pattern, created for Quiltmaker magazine. Lori herself will be teaching our guests how to make this marvelous 24″ x 24″ wall hanging. This one is made from Lori’s personal scrap stash, but you’ll be able to make one using the fabulous fabrics from her new CALICO DAYS line. All the needed fabric will be provided!




Reserve Your Spot HERE

Farm Girl Vintage Quilting Retreat

We are excited to announce the very 1st quilt retreat workshop for “Farm Girl Vintage” by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.  So excited we couldn’t wait for our new Lodge to be completed.  Soooooo, we are hosting a “Farm Girl Vintage” retreat at the Springhill Suites in Draper, Utah. (Springhill is a brand new hotel, 1.6 miles from the store)

Book cover

Dates – Wednesday, June 10th to Saturday, June 13th

Check-in: Starting Wednesday afternoon at 3pm

Check-out: Sat at 3pm (check out of hotel room by 11 am)

Wednesday evening will be an opening social and Trunk Show.  Classes will be 9:30am – 6:00pm Thursday & Friday, 9:30am – 3:00pm Saturday.  Don’t worry, the sewing doesn’t have to stop, you will be able to sew as late into the night (or morning) as you wish.

Lori has designed an Exclusive Farm Girl Vintage Block just for our retreat.

We were hoping The Quilter’s Lodge would be open by The Farm Girl Vintage Retreat but it didn’t quite happen……however you will receive a private tour of the new Quilter’s Lodge as well as a private shopping evening at Thimbles And Threads.

Everyone will receive a swag bag of goodies which will include a project to get you started sewing.  There will be challenges, prizes, treats and fun throughout the retreat.


Pricing: All packages include: trunk show, three days of instruction by Lori Holt, continental breakfasts, lunches, three nights lodging and tons of fun and inspiration.

  • Private Queen Room: $595
  • Double Occupancy Room: $425
  • Triple Occupancy Room: $355
  • 4 Occupancy Room: $300

*All rooms have two queen beds.

Local and don’t want to stay at the hotel? Not a problem. Join all the festivities and stay at home for only $250. Please note that the continental breakfast is only offered to those with lodging packages.

**Rates are only guaranteed until May 20th and there are only 40 spaces available so book early to reserve your spot.

We hope you are as excited as we are!


Reserve Your Spot HERE


Here are a few sneak previews of projects from Farm Girl Vintage:

Samples.2 haystack sampler Quiltybarn Sowing seeds

Happy Summer Everyone

Hello Everyone,
Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since we’ve visited. So grab a drink and maybe even a treat, have a seat and let’s catch up!

For those of you that don’t know, we are now finally using the POS System. For the most part it is working pretty well now. Big relief!

Shop Hop is over and it was so fun seeing so many of you. If you didn’t make it in….. the store broke ground (TA DA) on the first day of Shop Hop. Yep, the watched pot thing worked. Footings are supposed to be poured tomorrow. It’s getting more real every day. We were a Quilt Retreat so we got to wear PJ’s, who doesn’t sew in their PJ’s? We played Spin the Bottle for prizes. We had chocolate covered popcorn, it was just fun!

At last ground was broken!





Our quilt was hung on the porch!

So many new fabric lines have come in, it’s crazy. We even have the new Halloween lines out. Next month we will have Christmas in July. Can you believe it’s time to get started on those projects. Boy time does fly doesn’t it? We will also have our class sign ups for Summer and some for Fall.

Even Leesa is hauling it in!


It’s been so warm and getting some rain the other day was a real treat. Well it was a treat to me and probably to the plants in my yard. (I am so not good at going out and watering.) I stood outside on the porch here at Thimbles and Threads and just breathed in the fresh air cleaned by the rain. It was awesome. It reminded me of being at my grandmas house in the Summer and sitting out in this old wooden rocking chair in the back yard under a plumb tree. The tree protected you from getting wet, and you could just sit there and daydream and enjoy the summer rain. I loved it! But as the afternoon wore on, grandma would call me inside because her programs ( she always called them “Her programs”) would be starting and she needed me to come in and watch because she was afraid she would fall asleep and miss something. So she needed me to let her know what happened. I had never watched a soap opera before. I sure got attached to it with my grandma. She loved the Edge of Night and the Secret Storm.  For those of you that remember this product….Grandma would have me run to the store (I really did run.) to get her Clover Club Corn Crinkles. That was her snack for her “programs”. I miss those Corn Crinkles, they were yummy, oh by the way. I don’t know why but if you kept them in the freezer they were yummier. Weird huh?

Thanks for taking the time to play catch up with me.
Till next time.

Open Sew and Giggly Girls

Hello Everyone,
I sure hope all of you had a great weekend and you celebrated National Quilting Day creating your most favoriteist quilt EVER! Coupled with St. Patrick’s Day……..Oh my gosh, you even had the luck of the Irish on your side. AND Friday was pie day, Thus a perfect weekend.  What’s not to love Right?

On Friday I sewed with friends after work, we had a yummy dinner and yes I brought PIE!!! We had the best time ever. Sewing and watching the movie Ever After. (Sew darn cute.) and visiting. Maybe I should mention “All at the same time!” I haven’t  laughed that hard in a long time. I don’t know if any of us have laughed that hard in a long time. I nearly finished my quilt top, had great food, laughed my self silly and watched the girl get the Prince. Awesome huh?

This Friday is Open Sew night. Sew come on over for a fun night of sewing, eating, sharing , laughing and might I mention it’s a great stress reliever, “much cheaper than therapy!” AND we will provide a quick little Easter sewing project that we will make during Open Sew.

Speaking of Easter, it is just around the corner and we really have some cute Easter fabric in stock. The Bunny panel in the picture has some squares in it that are perfect for making an Easter Basket. We have one made in the store for you to see.

You see the squares along the bottom? Perfect for the basket and the Bunny at the top. Wouldn’t that make a great pillow? Then you could still use the center of the panel for a quilt or wall hanging. Super cute!

If any of you are wondering about the new building, well I think the old saying of ” a watched pot never boils” applies here. I think I just may be watching too much. Soooo now I will pretend not to watch…….just keep a bare tab out of the corner of my eye. THEN maybe something will happen. I think this  calls for an old game I used to play with my cousin. Sneek-um Weak- um Beak-um.  I’ll keep you posted……

Till next time